Team building

Strengthen your team through their competitive nature with clay target shooting.


      Clay shooting is an exhilarating team-based activity. This sport takes mental and physical agility. Learn the fundamentals of clay shooting and enter a friendly competition against your teammates by put your marksmanship skills to the test.

        Our experienced instructors will adapt their teaching approach based on your group's experience level. Every lesson includes shotguns, ammunition, clay targets and safety equipment.

        Our spacious clubhouse is available for rental for your corporate meetings.

        For more information on date availability, pricing, clubhouse rental, catering service and other event details, contact our event management team at or (1)450-452-2417.




        1. WELCOME
        Your safety is our number one priority. Your group will be briefed on the safe handling of a shotgun and the shooting activity. Each participant will be asked to wear eye and ear protections and a shooting vest.

        2. CLAY SHOOTING 101
        A professional instructor will teach your group the fundamentals of clay target shooting and have you ready to bust targets in no time.

        3. PRACTICE
        There is no secret in shooting, practice makes perfect! Each participant will shoot a round of 25 targets under the guidance of a professional instructor.

        Now that you are all expert shooters, your group will enter friendly competition. Scoring is simple. The winner is the shooter who brakes the most targets out of 25. In the event of a tie, a shoot off will take place. The first shooter to miss a target will place second.

        5. TEAM PHOTO
        A picture is worth a thousand words; but the networking is priceless.