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Quebec's Premier Outdoor Shooting Sports Facility


Have you ever experienced a shooter's high? It's a real phenomenon. "Nothing beats the feeling of smashing clay targets flying through the air. Firing a gun releases endorphins in the brain. That's why people get hooked!" explains Carl.

Located in the beautiful municipality of Les Cèdres, Montreal Skeet Club is the #1 OUTDOOR SHOOTING DESTINATION in the province of Quebec, only 40 kilometers outside the city. We have the facilities, staff, and equipment you need to experience all the fun and excitement of recreational shooting sports and hunting activities.

As a private club, you'll notice right away the friendly environment and sense of community. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced shooter, we look forward to welcoming you among our esteemed members!


Our affordable memberships attract a new generation of shooters who are truly passionate about shooting sports and the hunting lifestyle. We're committed to creating a warm, welcoming and inclusive club that encourages shooters of all levels to reach their full potential, make friends and find community.



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AT ALL TIMES. Your safety is our priority. Members with a valid firearms license have exclusive access to our club. Visitors are trained on safe firearms handling and proper gun range etiquette, and must shoot under the supervision of a member or an instructor. A range officer is on the firing line during all activities to enforce the rules of the club.


WITH THE BEST. Even if you've never held a gun before, our professional instructors will have you breaking targets in a flash! We offer lessons for all levels and abilities from first timers to advanced shooters. We focus on firearms safety and handling, proper stance, shooting technique and sport etiquette.


ALL YEAR LONG. Quebec's snowy winters will not stop us from practicing our favorite activity. Dressed with warm clothes, winter shooting is as fun as shooting in summer. Gather around the fire pit to warm up between rounds or come inside for a hot cup of coffee.


TO HAVE FUN. If you consider yourself a competitive person - no matter your skill level - we encourage you to put your name down for one of our shoots. It's a fun and great way to push your mind and test your skills. The atmosphere is very relaxed and informal. And there are great prizes to win!


AND SEE IF YOU LIKE IT. If you've never shot a gun before, it's always preferable to rent and try different ones before you decide to become a member or make your first firearm purchase. We offer a large selection of rentals. Our knowledgeable staff will give you the pros and cons of each gun and let you know which permit you need to apply for.


THE BEST ASSORTMENT. The most important steps to becoming a great shooter is choosing the best gun for you and the best quality ammunition. We invite you to stop by our Gun Shop conveniently located inside the clubhouse where our expert staff will be happy to assist you with all your needs.

Can't find what you're looking for? We can place a special order for you!

Need a gift for your favorite shooter? We sell Gift Certificates online and in store.

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WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Shooting is a great sport that allows you to socialize with people of all ages and walks of life who share the same passion. The clubhouse is the perfect space to warm up by the fireplace, enjoy a drink at the bar, and bond with friends and family. The après-skeet is the best moment of the day. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.


SPECIAL OCCASIONS. No matter what your group is celebrating, you can expect a fun and memorable time that requires no experience or permit. The activity is suitable for everyone over the age of 12 and includes guns, ammunition, targets and protective gear.



As more and more companies are embracing hybrid working, team building activities will be more important than ever to help people feel connected and valued. So let's take your next event to another level and give your team an opportunity to experience a new challenge in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

Teams that learn how to shoot together, stay together!

"Amazing place, highly recommend! Easily accessible and well-maintained, the whole staff is really great and friendly. Safety rules are very clear and well enforced, which is essential at a gun club. Amenities are really nice, fields for multiple clay shooting disciplines plus a pistol and rifle range. Really a great place, and even though I’m repeating myself, the staff is amazing. I was warmly greeted first time I went and immediately felt comfortable, the vibe is good and not snobby at all; everyone is welcomed. I brought a friend who was a first time trap shooter, and Carl took the time to explain everything to him and give him pointers. He’s an outstanding owner and instructor. Always a good time when I’m going there!"

Phil Berube

"Went for a bachelor party with a group of 9 and everyone had a fantastic time. Very easy going, safe and fun. Carl and the team were great hosts. We had a couple of actual shooters in the group and they were very impressed with the club and the amenities. Even though none of us had been skeet shooting before we didn't feel completely useless. I think it's easy to pick up and once you get going you won't really want to stop. The place is not far from Montreal and very easily accessible. They serve beers, soft drinks and misc snacks. Could easily spend an entire day there. Our group did trap shooting and they also offer skeet shooting. The guns used were very new and in good working order."

Ricardo Lazarevic

"This is sort of a double review, first for how much I enjoy shooting at the Montreal Skeet Club, and second for what an amazing instructor Carl is. First, to talk about the club, its location is easily accessible from Montreal. The prices there are reasonable, and there is an added bonus of a rifle/pistol range. The team at the club is outstanding, starting with Vanessa behind the counter, who always greets customers warmly and remembers repeat clients by name. The club officials running the matches are efficient and courteous. In fact, the whole vibe is relaxed and welcoming. As a new shotgunner, I found everyone happy to help with advice without being overbearing. However, most of the stars in this review were earned by Carl, who aside from being a good manager of his club, is a ROCK STAR shooting instructor for someone just beginning in this discipline. He is patient, thorough, clear with his instructions and advice, generous with his time and products. As a left-handed shooter, it can be hard to find a gun which shoulders comfortably here in Canada, and he was instrumental in helping me to find the right over/under shotgun to suit my needs. I recommend a lesson with Carl for anyone just starting in any of the shotgun sports, or for anyone with experience who wants to take their game to the next level."

Sam Malkinson






10 AM - 5 PM