A set of 5 Benelli Crio Choke Tubes

Choke Tubes and You: A Beginner's Guide to Finding the Right Choke

Choosing the right choke tubes for the discipline you'll be shooting can make a significant difference in your performance. Generally, skeet shooting requires less constriction than other disciplines due to the shorter distances, whereas Trap and 5-Stand can require a tighter choke tube in order to reliably hit targets at a greater distance. Here are a few choke tube options that can work well for the different disciplines offered at the club*:

  1. Cylinder: The cylinder choke is the most open choke tube available, with no constriction. It allows the shot to spread quickly, making it an excellent option for close-range targets. It is ideal for skeet shooting because of the relatively close target distances, and is great for shooting slugs at the rifle/pistol range. Marked as CYL or with 5 notches with certain manufacturers.
  2. Skeet: A skeet choke is specifically designed for skeet shooting, and it provides less constriction than most other choke tubes. It is an excellent option for fast moving targets at very close range. Marked as SK or with 5 notches on flush tubes.
  3. Improved Cylinder: The improved cylinder choke provides slightly more constriction than the cylinder choke, making it a great option for targets at slightly longer distances. It is an excellent all-around choke tube that works well for both skeet and sporting clays. Generally marked as IC or with 4 notches on flush tubes.
  4. Light Modified: The light modified choke has slightly more constriction than the improved cylinder choke, making it a good option for intermediate range targets, such as at 5-Stand. It is also a versatile choke that works well for most types of shotgun shooting. Generally marked as LM.
  5. Modified: The modified choke provides a bit more constriction than the light modified, making it a good option for medium-range targets. It is a popular choke tube for sporting clays and trap shooting but can also be effective for skeet. Marked as M or with 3 notches on flush tubes.
  6. Improved Modified: The improved Modified choke provides a relatively tight pattern and sees most of its use at Trap. Tighter patterns allow shooters to tackle medium to long range targets and tend to create nice "breaks" when hitting the target. Margin for error reduced due to tighter spread. Typically marked as IM or with 2 notches on flush tubes.

Ultimately, the best choke tube will depend on your personal preference and shooting style. Experimenting with different choke tubes can help you find the one that works best for you.

*Intended as a guide for lead shot only.