What is clay shooting? What are clay pigeons? Are they alive? What is the difference between skeet, trap and sporting clays? Do I need a license?

Montreal Skeet Club offers target shooting workshops for beginners. Come solo, with your date or a group of friends and let our professional instructors teach you the basics of clay target shooting and everything you need to know about firearm safety.

In skeet shooting, clay targets are thrown into the air from two machines in different directions and angles – a “high” house launches targets 10 feet above ground, and a “low” house launches targets 3 feet above ground.

Our skeet field has eight stations and shooters move as a group around a large semicircle from one station to the next. Some stations feature “doubles” where targets cross, allowing shooters to fire two shots.

We also offer Olympic skeet shooting. Unlike skeet shooting, shooters must call for the targets with their shotgun off the shoulder. And to make it even more challenging, clay targets are released either immediately or with a delay of up to three seconds.

In trap shooting, clay targets are launched vertically from a single machine, away from the shooter.

Our trap field has five shooting stations. A group of five shooters stands in a horizontal line alternating shots until each participant has fired at five targets from their current position and then move on to the next station to their right.

If you need a bigger challenge, you can shoot Olympic trap. Unlike trap shooting, a few machine launchers throw clay targets into the air at varying heights, angles, distances and speeds.

Many people describe sporting clays as “golf with a shotgun” because of the large number of shooting stations and the amount of walking involved.

This discipline is a true hunting simulation in the woods. Our sporting clays course includes twenty shooting stations laid out over natural terrain. Every station is unique. Get ready to expect the unexpected…some targets jump out from behind the bushes, some fly high in the sky, some are coming in towards you, and some roll and bounce across the ground like a rabbit on the run.

The configuration of the stations is often modified to keep it interesting and challenging for the shooters.

Five stand is a mix between skeet, trap and sporting clays in terms of shot similarities. It can also be described as a mini sporting clays course.

There are five shooting stations where five participants move as a group from one station to the next. Each station features a “menu” of five targets including one single and two pairs.

We use eight throwing machines to create a wide variety of flying patterns and combinations. The course is changed every couple of weeks so it never gets repetitive.

In Canada, migratory bird hunting season starts early September and runs through November. Montreal Skeet Club organizes guided bird hunts (duck, Canada goose, snow goose) with dogs. Our field experts will scout the perfect location a day prior to your shoot.

If you are a wild game meat lover, your shoot will be the perfect opportunity to stock up your freezer for winter!

If you are a fan of pistol and rifle shooting, you will be ecstatic to know that Montreal Skeet Club is adding this fun activity to their menu.


IMPORTANT: Membership is mandatory for use of the shooting range.


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